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The Naddiks Australian alternative rock band

Influenced by punk, pop-punk, and rock greats, The Naddiks find themselves in a vein of music that can only be described as raw and energetic. Musicians like The Stooges, Rolling stones, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Vines, and many more are some of the names that led the band to where they are today. You won’t hear any overproduced, polished tracks from The Naddiks, just unrelenting original rock music.

Members : Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Joel Steenbergen; Backup vocalist/bass player Kurt Schiffer; Drummer Nick Steenbergen

The Naddiks are a 3 piece alternative rock band from Australia by lead singer song writer Joel Steenbergen early in 2009. Later that year they took on manager/promoter Richard Schiffer who immediately got them on the road performing across Canberra and NSW, mainly Sydney. A demo EP was recorded in 2010 originally called ‘Get Evolved’. Some of the tracks from this EP were later remastered, the most succssful being ‘RagTop’. In 2012 The Naddiks released they’re debut LP ‘Amber Sun’. The album was recorded partially on 2 inch tape and all tracks were masked with hydrophonic microphones.

In 2011, the drummer at the time of recording, Shaun Buchannan left the band and was replaced by Joel’s younger brother Nick Steenbergen. By 2013 Amber Sun has had play both digitally and live on several local radio stations accross Australia where (The Naddiks were named Artist of the month on 2XX Local n Live program in November). They were also played in Germany, Canada, USA & Poland.

In 2014 the band released 21CB, which was a total change in direction for The Naddiks. Apart from changing their sound, they also changed their focus after Joel was assaulted by two men whilst out on a dinner date with his partner. Songs like ‘Destroy Me’ and ‘Weekend Syndrome’ were written about mindless, alcohol fuelled violence which teenagers seemed caught up in.

In 2015 two singles were released ‘Stop.Listen.Love’ a song about bullying written to create awareness of youth suicide due to cyber-bullying and ‘Heart of Fire’, a song of hope when experiencing the pressures of the modern world. These songs were produced and released through the Indie Label Band Express.

Currently The Naddiks are going through some new and some old material, re mixing  and re mastering songs which they were never fully satisfied with the quality. A new EP and singles will be released later in 2016 and early 2017, them now having affiliated with new Indie Record label Upside Music as well as Band Express.

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